May Newsletter

Better Than Best: How We Improve Everyday

Last month, I had the privilege of speaking at the Music Academy Success 2019 conference. This is an international organization of professionals from over 200 different music schools who want to share their ideas about how to make the school experience better for everyone. The United Conservatory of Music joined Music Academy Success only a year ago, and this year, we were a finalist for their School of the Year award... CONTINUE READING

Prom Safety: 4 Tips to Keep Your Child Safe

Seeing gorgeous dresses, fancy suits, corsages, and boutonnieres pop up in advertisements can only mean one thing: Prom season is here! This time of year, teens are busy choosing the perfect dress or suit to wear, finding a date, making dinner reservations, and preparing for an evening of fun and dance... CONTINUE READING

Black Gold for Your Garden Soil

Most people have heard of composting one way or another. Your mom might have kept a bin in the backyard for overripe Halloween pumpkins, yard clippings, and egg shells. You might even have a coworker who boasts about the giant compost pile they use to fertilize their garden and lawn... CONTINUE READING

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