June Newsletter

From Musician to Leader: What Music Taught Me About Leadership

When I first started playing the violin as a child, I never imagined that one day I would be leading a music school. I didn't realize this was the road I was on, but looking back, I learned so many lessons about leadership because of music... CONTINUE READING

Good Boys of Antiquity: Dogs in Ancient Legend

Far before humans had written histories, we had dogs. From hunting and shepherding to playing and relaxing, our early ancestors had canine companions by their side, and their appreciation shows. As storytelling developed around the world, our four-legged friends became important characters. Here are a few ancient legends for the historical dog lover... CONTINUE READING

Enjoying the Journey: Roadside Attractions Worth Visiting

The United States can be a weird place, and some landmarks definitely reflect that sentiment. Along almost every highway, bizarre landmarks draw road trippers of all ages. Sometimes tourist traps aren't worth the price of admission, but when you're taking your summer road trip this year and your family needs a place to stop and stretch, these are three roadside attractions worth checking out... CONTINUE READING

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