January Newsletter

Shaping the Future Through Music

A few weeks ago, our chamber music group played an awards dinner at a local children's hospital. This was an exciting event, and it blew me away to see how far we’ve come in such a short time. A year ago, we didn’t even have a chamber music program ... CONTINUE READING

Get Your Kids to Eat Healthier Than Ever

Do your kids get enough nutrients in their diet? If they're like most kids, the answer is probably no. You want your children to eat more vegetables and less processed junk, but they certainly don't make it easy. Even getting the average kid to chow down on a serving of broccoli can be a huge chore... CONTINUE READING

Sgt. Fieldy Comes Home

There are around 2,500 military working dogs currently in service, and their efforts help save the lives of countless soldiers and civilians every day. One of these brave military dogs is Sgt. Fieldy, an 11-year-old black lab who was trained to locate the No. 1 threat in Afghanistan: IEDs. Sgt. Fieldy was deployed to Afghanistan with his handler, Cpl. Nicolas Caceres, in 2011 ... CONTINUE READING

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