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Private Lessons or Group Lessons?

Private lessons are a great way for a child to get started in their musical journey. Here at United Conservatory we often have kids as young as 4 start in piano, guitar, voice, and many other instruments. With private instruction you or your child will receive individualize attention, a special curriculum designed just for you in mind, and a teacher that knows your personality and your goals and will help you to reach them.

Group lessons can be quite fun! In our school we have hour long classes held in the weekends for our group programs. It is a fun experience where kids get a chance to interact with each other and learn from their peers. It is certainly a valid method of learning the instrument, if you are a beginner, in an engaging way. While it won’t have the individualized attention of a private class, it is a great approach to learning.

For our serious students who take hour long classes we recommend that you take part in our chamber music program. It is a great way to learn and showcase your skills, and play with people your age and grow in your musical skills.

Both of these methods are valid, and proven methods of learning an instrument and we encourage parents to try all the various methods!

Musical Goals

Jade takes violin lessons and recently received her Song Bird Trophy!

Jade takes violin lessons and recently received her Song Bird Trophy!

So just how will you know if your child is making progress in music lessons? Well we have our Musical Ladder System to help! Say your child began taking guitar lessons or piano lessons, of course you want them to practice and improve. Practicing is not the most fun word ever created and it’s definitely not a favorite activity of music students, but we inspire our students to achieve more through this system. This music teaching system is being used by music schools across the US and Canada to inspire music students to practice more and enhance their love for music. Similar to karate belt tests, every 90 days or so students have a test with their private music instructor. When they pass they receive really cool color wristbands with the name of the level they passed. They also receive a certificate and at some levels a trophy. More importantly when our students have a test coming up, they practice more, their parents are proud, their teachers are proud, and everybody wins!

Lets keep making music!

Musical Ladder Picture

What Should You Expect in Your Childs First Lesson?

That is the question that I believe is in the minds of a lot of prospective parents. It is an exciting moment to come in for your first private music lesson! Our most popular instruments for beginners is piano, voice, guitar and violin. For kids ages 4 we recommend that they start with piano, as it is the easiest instruments to get started with and kids can get an immediate feedback from what they do on the keyboard. The most important thing is that your child has fun, and enjoys this new world of music and art. Kids ages 4-8 will rarely practice on their own, (speaking from personal experience) so don’t be discouraged if they are not practicing in the beginning. It is a process and continued exposure to music, and weekly lessons will excite them to continue their musical journey.

Lets Keep Making Music!

Piano Lessons are one of the best ways to get exposed to music!

Piano Lessons are one of the best ways to get exposed to music!