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I entered my 30s in June 8th of this year. Every two years of my life something happens so unexpectedly, to the point where I am now just open to all possibilities everywhere. If you had told me in 2016 that I would be a director of a music school I would have probably laughed. Nowhere in my life plan was something like that in my imagination. I started piano at age 5, and didn’t get too far. I wish I had kept it up as I had great piano teachers, but like many youngsters I was more interested in Legos than practicing. A lot of our young kids display so much talent right from the beginning it is easy for them to get distracted. Thats why we have something like the Musical Ladder System to help kids to be able to earn wristbands and trophies to keep them focused. Aside from that we have special prizes kids can earn for doing a good job in the class and earning stickers! Especially for our young kids it helps them to be able to stay interested so that they can continually improve, whether they are a young 5 year old future rockstar guitar player, or a 12 year old pianist, or a 60 year old taking voice lessons, we have something that can engage them and keep everyone having fun.

Rockstar Guitar Child
Group Piano Lesson

Private Lessons or Group Lessons?

Private lessons are a great way for a child to get started in their musical journey. Here at United Conservatory we often have kids as young as 4 start in piano, guitar, voice, and many other instruments. With private instruction you or your child will receive individualize attention, a special curriculum designed just for you in mind, and a teacher that knows your personality and your goals and will help you to reach them.

Group lessons can be quite fun! In our school we have hour long classes held in the weekends for our group programs. It is a fun experience where kids get a chance to interact with each other and learn from their peers. It is certainly a valid method of learning the instrument, if you are a beginner, in an engaging way. While it won’t have the individualized attention of a private class, it is a great approach to learning.

For our serious students who take hour long classes we recommend that you take part in our chamber music program. It is a great way to learn and showcase your skills, and play with people your age and grow in your musical skills.

Both of these methods are valid, and proven methods of learning an instrument and we encourage parents to try all the various methods!