A Musician's Responsibility: Fostering A Love For Music

Learning music can be difficult. There are challenges and struggles of all kinds,

as well as long stretches where a young musician may feel like they’re never

going to improve. When faced with these difficulties, the only thing that keeps

musicians moving forward is their love of the art. Loving music and finding joy

in your art can help get past those hardships. This is why it’s so important for

our instructors to create a positive environment for their students where they

can foster that love of music.

Music speaks to people on a deep level that only art can reach. As musicians,

our responsibility is to communicate feelings through sound and rhythm.

There’s a message for our audience in the music. That message might be from

the composer who wrote the piece, or it could be your own emotions. The

message could be different for each person who listens to us perform. If your

audience walks away without feeling anything, then you didn’t do your job as

a musician. Likewise, if you are a music instructor and your students walk away

without loving music, you have failed as an instructor.

It’s not enough for kids to just hear about the positive benefits of music; they

must experience these benefits for themselves. A music teacher must be

able to connect with their students to share that love of music with the next


I have talked to many people who grew up playing music only because their

parents made them take up an instrument. They hated every second and

dropped it as soon as they were able to. The parents at UCM aren’t like that.

They want their kids to find joy in music. If their child doesn’t want to play, they

aren’t going to make

them keep coming to


Today, kids can

unlock their

phone, open

YouTube, and find

a lesson on how

to play almost

any instrument.

The information

is there, but the

internet can’t give

them a lesson tailored

to their personality and

their individual needs. That’s

something only a teacher can do,

but only once they’ve made a personal

connection with their student and understand

what they need for the student’s love of art to grow.

Regardless of whether or not our students pursue a career in music, our

instructors will be there for them, helping them develop their skills while they

play and experience a personal growth that will stick with them throughout

their life. Even if a student chooses to move on to other passions, our hope is

that they leave UCM with a deeper love of music and positive memories of their

time playing.

My goal is to live up to my responsibility as a musician and the director of UCM by

bringing more positivity to our students, to Fresno, and to the world of music.