Tips For Voice Students!

Is your child taking voice lessons here at United Conservatory? Congratulations! This finally means all those hours of singing along to the radio and shower singing will be put to great use and whether it’s being classically trained or you want to rock out along with Ariana Grande, we here at UCM want to be able to help you obtain all of your wildest dreams.

Some parents have expressed concern on how to help their children outside of the lesson room. This can be difficult, because most of our practice happens when we’re not with our teacher, but rather in the comfort of our own home. We here at UCM want you to be fully equipped with all of the tips and tricks we have as we approach October, spooky season! 

The following is a list some of our teachers have compiled to help ward off the spooky cold season that comes with the cozy cool month of October! 

1.     Hydration, hydration, hydration! It is oh so very important to be drinking as much water as is possible! Doctors recommend at least 8 glasses of water a day and the more you can get the better, so don’t forget those water bottles! 

2.     All about that hand sanitizer. We leave bottles of hand sanitizer laying around all over the conservatory to make sure we stop the spread of germs, so don’t be shy to take a pump or two in and out of your lesson! We get sad when you’re sick and miss your lessons. :( 

3.     Singers are athletes! Yes, we are! Singing is a physical sport and requires almost all of the same things that physical sports do! The two most important things are warming up and cooling down. Just like before and after you run a mile you have to stretch! In singing we warm up by singing our scales and different exercises and after our lessons we cool down the voice. These are both very important to keep your voice in tip top shape!

4.     Clearing of the throat and coughing. When mucus starts to develop in the throat, our first reaction is to clear our throat abruptly or give it a good cough, but this is what we want to stay away from! When this starts to happen the best thing to do is a low hum up and down the voice. This will help shake off some of the mucus and is much healthier than a cough that forces the vocal cords together. Try a ghost siren or witch nasal warm up to get that voice moving! It gives you some practice for all of spooky season! 

5.     Don’t be afraid to rest!!! We cannot stress this enough. If your voice is tired or doesn't feel 100%, let your teacher know! There are so many things that can be done in lessons without use of the voice: acting, pronunciation, breathing, etc. The sky's the limit! 

While we all get ready to sport our spookiest costumes, we are sending you all healthy, happy vibes as we get into the cool months of Fall! If you have any other questions or concerns about vocal health, please feel free to reach out to your teacher or contact the front desk and they can get your more info on how to stay your spookiest! 



·       Christopher R.

Voice and Piano Teacher, United Conservatory of Music, Fresno