Piano Lessons

A lot of parents ask what is the best instrument to get started with? I would say piano. It is the easiest and and most responsive instrument you can start with. When first taking lessons here at United Conservatory of Music Fresno, kids will be exposed to many genres of music. The instructors tailor the lesson for the individual child so they will be engaged and interested.

We have many students ages 4-8 who begin learning piano, either from scratch or with prior experience from another instrument. And our teachers work hard to be able to provide the best quality education. Students come from as far away as Madera, Kerman, Sanger, and we have many from Clovis as well.

Music can be a fun and rewarding experience, don’t be worried if they don’t practice at first, eventually kids will practice. Our Music Ladder System will keep track of their progress, as they earn wristbands and trophies every three months.