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Kelvin Diaz Inoa

Kelvin Diaz formally began his musical studies on the cello at age 7 in the program Youth Symphony Orchestra (POSJU) where after several years of study he decided that music would be his main focus in life. In 2010 he joined the Symphony Orchestra Of the (Escuela Libre de Música) and participated in the New York International Music Festival at Carnegie Hall where they won the gold medal. Díaz Inoa has appeared as soloist with the Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra, Symphony Orchestra of the Conservatory, Orquesta de Arcos de la Escuela Pre-paratoria del conservatorio de Música de Puerto Rico, and many others. In June 2014 he won a competition of chamber music at the University of (Kutztown University) in the state of Pennsylvania with the Schumann Piano Quintet. Diaz Inoa has received support from organizations like the Association of Parents and Friends of the Orchestra and Higher Secondary (APAOSS) and donors who have lent their hand to help him continue on his path of music as a professional and for his promise on the cello.