Katie Voice and Piano Lessons

Katie La Blue

Voice and Piano Instructor

Katie La Blue is from Hanford, CA. She has been singing for as long as she can remember, and loves music! Katie attended CSU Fresno and received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Education. She has dabbled in many forms of music such as choir, musical theater, and opera. Katie loves sharing the joy of music with her students! 



Teacher of the Month: June 2018

                     Q. What are the things you like most about teaching?

     The best part about teaching is getting to connect with a student and potentially impact their lives forever— especially over something as universally loved as music! 

Q. How do you inspire students to practice more?

     I want my students to think of their music craft as part of who they are. By teaching students to love music and not just learn it, I hope that practicing will become more of a retreat for them than a chore. 

Q. What do you feel are the benefits of a child studying music?

      Music is something that is universal and can transcend language/culture barriers. By learning music, children are opened up to a whole new world of joy and hopefully understanding. It is also great for character building and teaching self-responsibility. 

Q. What is your favorite type of music?

    Being a musician, I’ve heard everything from trap to country to opera to music created by remote Brazilian mountain natives, and I’ve loved it all. I encourage people to let go of genres and explore music of every type. What makes music good is how it touches us, how it makes us feel. Any type of music can do that! Seek out something different today you normally wouldn’t try. 

Q. What do you like most about teaching at United Conservatory of Music?

    I love the atmosphere of United Conservatory. The instructors are top notch, very well trained while also being very funny and likable individuals. When I walk through the door, I know I’m entering a place where a lot of personal growth is going on— for students and instructors both. We have such a great environment and all of the students are wonderful with parents who really care about their children’s musical education. 

Q. What are some things most people don't know about you?

      I am vegan and love animals as much as I love music! I once sang backup for Grammy award winning country artists Zac Brown Band. Aside from music I love to do art of any kind and am a published poet. I also love gardening!